Attestation de Revenu Québec

To conclude any contract worth 25 000$ or more with a public bodies, any enterprise having an establishment in Québec must hold a valid certificate (an Attestation de Revenu Québec) issued by Revenu Québec.

  1. When submitting a bid to a Call for Tenders, they must include their Attestation de Revenu Québec with their bid;
  2. When contracting by mutual agreement, they must provide their Attestation de Revenu Québec before the contract may be entered into;

These are legal requirement from Québec régulations.
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How to obtain  l’Attestation de l’Agence du revenu du Québec

To verify an Attestation de Revenu Québec: Vérification

The information is provided on this website as a courtesy and should not be used as legal advice. Requirement from laws and applicable regulations or from any Call for Tenders have precedence over it.